Fraud Awarness

Fraud Awarness

1. Fraudulent Use Of IWL Brand

We Inland World Logistics (IWL) focused on providing the quality services to our customers and it makes us one of the most trusted and faithful brand since 1979 till now. Still, there have been unethical efforts are made to dupe Internet users and Public at huge including our clients through exchanging information based on the illegal use of the Inland World Logistics (IWL) name and brand, which appear, to have originated from Inland World Logistics (IWL). The contact mostly involve on rendering of service over the Internet where the payment can be ask through any web-link or any important document online before any goods delivered. Please be careful and alert and kindly note that Inland World Logistics (IWL) do not request for any payments in such unlawful manner. Inland World Logistics (IWL) only accept any payments on official Inland World Logistics (IWL) branch offices and centres anything related to the service provided. Further, Inland World Logistics (IWL) do not not ask for any PIN or OTP number related to your mobile or bank accounts from its Customers for any type of payments. Inland World Logistics (IWL) takes no liability for any type of allegation ,damage or payment made which were inappropriately obtain as a result of fraudulent activity.

2. Website

If you have any query regarding virtue of the website that uses the Inland World Logistics (IWL) brand, please access our Inland World Logistics websites

3. Report Fraud

To report any such instance related to Inland World Logistics (IWL) services or accessing the website or if you get any false or aprehensive Inland World Logistics (IWL) mails, we are advised you, to mail us on . Or Talk with our customer support executive on (022) 61837354.

4. Spam & Viruses

It advised that if you received any type e-mail regarding that Inland World Logistics (IWL) try to deliver your consignment requesting you to open the e-mail or any attachment in order to influence the delivery of the logistics, the e-mail is false, the consignment does’nt exist and the attachment that received in e-mail can be a computer virus.


Please do-not open such attachment without any prior reason. The e-mail and attachment is forged and does not originate from the system of Inland World Logistics (IWL).