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    Are You Experiencing Any of These?

    Major Problems Experienced by Customers in India:-

    • Poor quality customer service: The consignors receive unsatisfactory customer services because of a shortage of skilled workers and a complicated supply chain management process.
    • High cost: Due to inefficient monitoring, rising fuel prices, and complex international logistics, the cost of the supply chain process increases, which results in reduced profit margins for the consignors.
    • Risk management: The consignors experience significant delays and inconvenience due to the lack of real-time tracking of the consignment along with poor planning, which also increases their risks and impacts their businesses.
    • Unqualified personnel/talent: Insufficiently skilled and unqualified personnel pose a significant risk to supply chain management, which results in the mismanagement of consignments and affects the business of the consignors.
    • Unexpected delays: Supply chain management systems are poorly designed to address unforeseen events, causing unexpected delays in the delivery of the consignment.
    • Lack of transparency: The absence of automation and standardization in the services result in inconsistencies and a lack of transparency in the delivery process.
    • It’s too hassling to deal with transport service providers right from engagement to delivery of your goods including freight payment to your service provider?

    Supply chain management services

    How does our service solve the
    above issues, any guarantees?

    Best in Quality

    Our customer support service is specialized and well-equipped, with a dedicated representative that responds to the needs of every client for a smooth and hassle-free delivery.

    Cost control

    We save our customers’ money by providing efficient supply chain management services

    Efficient and effective periodic assessments

    We conduct periodic assessments of our supply chain management to stay as efficient and effective as possible, and we also redesign it accordingly which helps us create a foolproof risk management plan

    Continuous improvisation

    We keep pace with the changing needs of our industry by developing new services with the help of logistics management software that increases efficiency and improve our productivity

    Quality talent

    Our team is made up of highly-qualified and experienced professionals that helps us in providing reliable, efficient, and superior services equipped with advanced technologies

    Timely deliveries

    Our advanced planning,well-equipped professionals, advanced technologies, and automated system help us in delivering the consignments on time


    • Growth of business from 30-1700% each year
    • Increase Market Share by 15% – 300% year on year
    • Reduce delivery times upto 60% across India
    • Smooth and Hassle free door step services in multiple locations across India

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