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Inland World Logistics is a leading logistics and transportation company in India. With our 550+ branches, we offer secure and safe services to over 350+ locations across India. Our team comprises of individuals who are passionate and dedicated to the work they do. We are open to hiring and grooming more individuals.

Job Description
  • To ensure the workplace is monitored and is fully in compliance with all applicable OSHA standards, rules and regulations. To use labels, signs, posters, floor marking, and color coding to warn employees about potential hazards.
  • Evaluating machinery, safety measures, and warehousing operations to see if staff are handling tools in warehouses properly and safely.
    To ensure that all the documentation concerning the safety department is up-to-date.
  • To conduct emergency drills as per the SOPs .
  • To conduct safety committee meetings for regions
  • To submit monthly safety reports
  • To conduct Training to the new employees and existing employees about workplace safety, and manage emergency situations. Make them aware of the evacuation routes. If an emergency happens in the warehouse, s/he needs to let all employees quickly evacuate to the safety zone
  • To maintain and update the Incident accident report are recorded in a timely and complete manner to HOD In case an accident occurs, the manager has the task of finding the root cause behind the accident and ensuring that the same incident is not repeated in future. Ensure the results of safety inspections are documented; monitoring the investigation of accidents and injuries; ensuring that corrective actions are taken; and providing recommendations for ways to prevent similar accidents.
  • To Inspect MHE equipment
  • To conduct Monthly line walk with all the respective Branch Manager of region under your supervision
  • To maintain safety Inspection report
  • To identify hazard at warehouse and to take corrective measures to rectify it to undertake various security related checks and correct the drawbacks, if any.
  • To conduct monthly meetings with DSO of the region under your supervision
  • To submit monthly warehouse Inspection report.
  • To conduct monthly line walk with the branch manager.
  • To ensure managers and supervisors have the appropriate safety and health; accident prevention; and investigation training. So that managers/supervisors provide safety training and information to workers.
    CCTV Monitoring for all type of Emergency Protocols

QHSE & Safety Dept.

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Skills Required
  • Evaluating machinery
  • Safety operations
  • Handling tools
  • Safety measures
  • Basic understanding of frequently used computer software and programs such as Microsoft Office
  • Interpersonal skills

Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Educational Qualification

Any Graduate or B.Tech/M.Tech


2-4 years


October 13, 2022


Safety Manager

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2 years ago

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